Who is Derek Low?


Information About Me:

So who am I really?

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, in the lovely Greenpoint area, and lived there until I was 18, at which point my parents moved to Oakland Gardens, Queens. I boarded at Milton Academy, and conseqently had four years of experience living away from home before I came to college.

Why do I enjoy coding/computer programming/ computer science?

There are several reasons I enjoy computer science. Among all my different courses that I've taken throughout my life, I've had the most satisfaction with in computer programming sources. To me, not many assignments can beat programming assignments in terms of the sense of fulfillment and completion I receive upon completion. I've always enjoyed tinkering with electronics, and fiddling with my laptops both physically and computationally, or at a software level. Additionally, I believe that computer science will continue be a huge component in all aspects of life and continue to grow.

Ask me anything!

Contact me at dl9525@bard.edu.